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The Artisan Directory required a brand that conveyed organic, natural and handcrafted. Their brand needed to tie into their handmade artisan items at every level, from guidelines to websites.


Presenting our initial direction

We had a vision for the brand and where we wanted to take it! We created a mood board for the client with some rationale behind our vision. Getting the client on board before we commit any time was crucial as it allowed us to spend more time refining the brand.

Initial logo concepts

Presenting different route

We explored different visual routes for the logo mark. Experimenting with different typefaces and visual cues to help convey what they do. We presented these to the client to get their feedback.


Refining and pushing the logo further

The feedback was mixed and the client like different aspects of each logo, such as the simplicity of one and the handwritten of another. From this, we were able to craft a logo that had all the best aspects of our previous logos.


Ensuring it works in its environment

The logo will be predominantly used on their website. Around half of their users are on mobile devices, so we needed to ensure the logo was legible when small. We presented the final set of logos, testing how it works when small. This help aided the final decision.


Creating a visual language

Branding isn’t just a logo and colour pallet. We needed to bring in some illustrations which can be used across their site and social media. The difficult task was to ensure they paired with the style of their logo. The illustrations help convey what they do and create unique and consistent visual style that make them stand out from the crowd.

Brand guidelines

Defining the brand rules and standards

Once the brand aspects were signed off, we created the brand guidelines. We outlined how the brand should be represented. The guidelines can be referred to, ensuring there is brand consistency going forward.


Using the brand in the real world

Once the brand was defined, we were able to create their website with its unique style. The use of natural colours, typography and illustrations worked well in tieing it into the handcrafted, natural and humanistic touch. Furthermore, the illustrations went the extra mile in conveying what they do and made the site stand out from its competitors.

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