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Basket was looking for a partner that could help them create a high-impact consumer brand with personality. They wanted to be challenged and prompted to rethink, which was fine by us as we like to ask ‘why?’… a lot. Above all else, they were looking for a partner that values honesty, reliability and creative flair.

Getting started

Brand discovery

The foundation of any brand is trust. Customers trust your brand when their experience is consistently met or beats their expectations. Before creating a new brand for Basket we asked ourselves “Why?”, Why does it matter? At that point, we can then begin to build the brand as users tend to base their buying decisions more on brand purpose rather than the benefits and costs as any brand can do that. Like all our branding projects, we do this by taking our clients on a journey with our Brand Expression workshop, a simple but effective session. It’s the moment most clients start to realise the brand is way more than just a logo.

Logo development

Having a ‘B’last with logo marks

Scamping is a huge part of any project at Red Bullet, it’s a great way for us to put down ideas of all shapes and sizes to really exhaust our creative thinking and this project was no exception. We had some great fun with the client creating as many ‘B’ logo marks as possible, once we were happy with a handful we sent them out to their global team to gather feedback and to whittle down the collection to just two or three. Getting feedback on this scale for a potential global brand was key, as different shapes and colours mean so many things in different cultures. Always test your ideas.

The end result

Bringing the brand together

Basket was a great project for all involved, it pushed our creative thinking,  we created, we refined and we continued with that process with the Basket team until we knew we had landed on a kick-ass brand that was ready to start its global adventure. We created a brand kit that would flex in various environments (app, website and marketing), dark mode, light mode, logomark only, with the name Basket, mission statement, brand messages, we had all bases covered. Simplicity and clarity were vital. A community ethos and modern appeal reassert their goal to represent the radical change that ‘shopping with superpowers’ will bring millions of users, worldwide.

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