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Discovery & strategy

Figuring out your brand’s unique personality

The foundation of any brand is trust. Customers trust your brand when their experience is consistently met or beats their expectations. Before creating a new brand we must ask ourselves “Why?”, why does it matter? At that point we can then begin to build your brand by creating a deeper understanding of your brand identity and brand purpose rather than the benefits and costs as any brand can do that. Our ‘brand expression workshop’ is a great way to unlock your brands full potential. We can also just create logos.

A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.

Logo design

A logo is not just a logo

Your logo is the most important part of your business because it’s usually the first piece of branding that a potential customer will see. First impressions count when it comes to your logo, fact! If you’re after brand naming, an updated design direction, or maybe just some minor tweaks to the existing logo, we can help you create a new kick-ass logo and brand.

When designing your new logo we love to scamp… a lot, it’s a great way of recording early ideas much more quickly and freely, without the distraction of typefaces and colours. Once we’ve landed on something that aligns to our learning from our brand discovery phase, we then move into creating something a bit more polished for you to fall in love with.

Motion design

Make it move!

Animations are a great way to bring a brand to life. Whether it’s to sit within an app, loading screen for your website or part of a video, we can do it all. We all know by now, motion excites users.

Your brand book

Packaging it all up

Every brand needs consistency, and so does your audience. We’ll package your shiny new brand up in an easy to read document, including all necessary brand assets, colour styles, fonts, tone of voice, messaging… you get our drift. You brand book is your go to place for brand peace of mind.

Other branding skills

Brand strategy & consultancy

Our interpretation, insight and experience help determine pain points and define a strategy for your brand. Digging into who, how and where to market your brand will help us develop your CX (customer experience) landscape.

Brand awareness campaigns

Everything we do is driven by brand and strategy. This is where a large part of your customers journeys with you will begin so whatever magic we create here, it needs to make the right impact. Social media or traditional, we’ve got this.

Video & animation

Nothing captures a brands unique personality better than a video or animation. Using moving content for your brands marketing to deliver a message is a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

We also create amazing…
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