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Kyndi (formally, MCG), one of Kents largest telecare organisations, came with a clear goal in mind, to develop a new name and brand to kick-start a new era for the organisation and its telecare offering.

Research & discovery

Understanding brand behavour

Kydni approached us because they wanted to improve quality of life through their innovative telecare solutions, but needed a brand to match their ambitions. They wanted a partner to support them with their brand, radio campaigns, websites, marketing and to improve consumer journeys at every touchpoint.

The first task was to understand how the brand would feel, its personality and tone of voice. At this stage in the project, we encourage client interaction as we take them on a journey through our Brand Expression workshop, unlocking how the brand behaves, even before we start thinking about names and what the logo looks like. It’s a great way of stepping away from any personal likes and dislikes and focus on how to best engage with your audience.

Once we gathered the teams’ results, we crafted the core messaging with our nailed tone of voice, leading onto naming which the outcome was Kyndi.

Coolboards and logo concepts

Sowing the seeds of a new brand

With a ton of other noise in the telecare space, Kyndi had to mean it when it said it wanted to ease the minds of its clients. To do so, we set out to create a logo and emotionally change people’s relationship with telecare. By going beyond simply creating a new logo (let’s be honest, anyone can do that), we began creating building blocks to build a brand that embodied a caring, trustworthy and knowledgeable backbone. It was everything Kyndi stood for and allowed them to breathe fresh air into the telecare space.

Kicking off the visual element of the brand project with coolboards, naming conventions, logo concepts, we refined, and refined a little more, landing on a look and feel well on our way to achieving Kyndi’s ambitions.

The end result

Bringing Kyndi to life

The end result for Kyndi (and us) was a huge success for the next chapter for the organisation. They now have a new brand name that reflected their sense of passion for telecare and compassion for their clients, and everyone involved in caring for them. A positioning that would anchor future brand decisions, directions and a new logo and visual identity to launch to the market with pride.

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