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Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership work hard to make our roads safer. We were briefed to create a short video or animation to educate users that even though there is a maximum speed limit, you should drive to the conditions of the roads, rather than use it as a target.

Video & Animation

The brief

The client’s aim was to educate and encourage safe driving on the county’s roads. We agreed on the campaign focus to meet this aim and defined the target audience. Following this, we kicked off the project with the client in a creative exploration session, hosted in our War Room. We scribbled and dumped ideas all over the walls until we landed on ‘the concept’ that worked for the entire partnership. The next step, storyboarding the concept, bringing it to life!


Concept developemt

Fine tuning the vision

With the main platform of the campaign being social media, we created a simple, thought-provoking animation and video that would nudge its audience to think twice about their speed when driving. The concept needed to educate, not scare its audience into limiting their speed. We also decided to focus on the effects of a crash and how it could affect not only the driver’s life but everyone around them.

In the making

Light, camera, action!

Storyboard finalised, actors booked, it was time to create the magic. The shoot was fun but challenging, as creating an origami wheelchair wasn’t as easy as we first thought. Using actors of all ages to create the vision was more powerful than we could have hoped for when replicating the devastating impact accidents like this can have. The mix of animation and video worked seamlessly to really get across the before and after, without having to show real crash footage.

Ready, set, GO!

Launching the campaign

The campaign was launched ahead of the National Speed Awareness Week — it’s the perfect time to get drivers thinking about their decisions when on the roads.

Over the week the campaign was launched on social media, the video was seen 288,000 times with a 16% engagement rate.

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