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Gooey, one of our digital partners, had an exciting brand makeover! It was our job to bring their brand to life with a slick, exciting and unique user interface that made them stand out in the digital market industry.


Expanding their vibrant brand

We explored how we can push the brand even further for their website. We defined the accessible digital colour pallet, icons and illustrations, creating brand consistency and impact.

User personas

Understanding target audiences

A persona workshop with Gooey was important at the start. We worked together to define who their users are, their goals, barriers and most importantly, key tasks on the site. Knowing key user tasks ensures the design is optimised toward making these as easy as possible.


Creating a blueprint structure

Wireframing involves planning out the structure of the site without focusing too much on layout and visual design. This allows you to quickly refine the pages, content and navigation early on. Getting the UX foundations right early on is key to any successful site.

Visual design

Thinking outside the box

Most websites have a white background. However, to make their exciting brand stand out from the crowd, we opted for the blue background. The coloured background allowed us to use multilayers, creating depth, hierarchy and also visual impact. The layers included a CSS gooey blob that animates, Gooey illustrations and white containers for long-form content.


Making each service stand out

Gooey has 5 core services, so to make each one stand out, we assigned each one colour and shape, helping them are easily distinguished. This translated over to the case studies, so users can understand which service was used. Gooey’s sub-services were unique so we designed custom icons for them to help convey their offerings.


Evolving the site to their needs

Since launch, we’ve worked with Gooey, to improve areas of the site. This included evolving the blog with more engaging components and brought through more imagery to make pages more engaging. We’ve also been working with Gooey as an SEO partner, bringing their expertise into our projects.

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