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Mountview had some key challenges. Priorities included improving the user experience for student applications; build a more flexible CMS, and to create a platform to improve online sales.

Application Design

Booking flow was central to success

If we could carry users through the process better, and allow them to save as they go, we expected to see greater conversion and increased application numbers. We focussed on creating a solution that had these attributes.


Simplicity down to every detail

The booking flow was simplified to every detail. We removed any fields which weren’t essential, making the task less daunting. Fields were carefully thought out, making them easy to enter such as turning text fields into button options. Taxonomies and groups were carefully considered, ensuring they were easily understood. After refinement, the form was ready for visual design.

Component library

Systems not pages

We used a component design system approach to speed up site development, save time on content management and improve overall site performance. We also build our WordPress systems in the same way. Allowing the admins to create one piece of content once, and add it to any page, course or event as required.

The website

Putting it all together

Once we had all the components, we were able to quickly piece together all the pages with consistency and efficiency. The main benefit to having pre-defined components is it frees us up to easily test different layouts and user flows, ensuring each page is optimised towards the user goals.

In the first four months since launch, we saw an increase of over 20% in applications to our headline courses. We put this down, unequivocally, to the improved design and UX Red Bullet have brought to our website and application form.

Matthew Turnbull, Commercial Director
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