What a load of rubbish...

To gather a greater understanding of the industry and their users, we needed to talk rubbish! Literally. We spent some time discussing needs with previous customers, stakeholders and Skip It staff to understand the core needs for the site user journeys. This shaped key decisions on content, IA, layout, and booking form details.

Sketching to solve problems

For each section, we initially sketched ideas on how we could solve each problem. This helped our team evolve the most appropriate designs that met the needs of the business and users.

A open sketchbook showing wireframes


We brought the sketches to life through high fidelity wireframing, helping to refine our sketches and creating a better product stage by stage. We then tested these with users and Skip It stakeholders, ensuring the site was usable, simple and met key goals.


Once the wireframes were tested and tweaked, we applied brand styles. We built key areas of the designs as prototypes and handed over to the client for testing and approval. This enabled us to further refine the product until it was ready for full development.

Mockup of the website shown on an a MacBook

An intuitive enquiry system

Logical Content

A key focus to improve conversion was to logically show content dependant on the user’s specific waste collection needs. Additionally, we wanted to ensure the form was efficient and enjoyable to use, whilst serving the business needs.

Better User flow

Mapping the user flow helped plan all essential questions and options, showing every route through the enquiry form. This allowed us to order and group related questions into six core tabs, with low complexity ease of use.

Simple UI decision

We decided to limit dropdowns and user inputs. Instead, we opted for simple buttons which displayed selectable options. We also decided to use simple icons, allowing the user to easily understand them, minimising cognitive load.

Prototypes to WordPress

Prototypes helped to refine the form’s UX, ensuring it met the needs of the user. Following client sign off, we pieced the whole project together into a WordPress development.

130% increase in business enquiries

Success is...

Improving business efficiency for SkipIt was achieved across the project. The new enquiry process pushed all essential job information to SkipIt directly without them lifting a finger. Since launch, the business has grown substantially, through a huge increase in enquiries through the website.

Mockup of the website shown on an a MacBook
Mockup of the website shown on an iPhone

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