Content for real people

We started by creating various personas to help us unpick the direction to go in. We asked ourselves questions about each persona to understand the needs of a real user. What would this person need to see here? How can we get someone who knows they just want to book straight in to do it? What’s missing?

Mobile first

We designed mobile first to ensure that the most important content could be surfaced in the smallest spaces throughout. We then introduced various other elements and components. Clear access to register in a bright green accent colour for a clear contrast to site content.

Building excitement

We designed various components and new features to the site that reflected the engaging and fun nature of the event on the ground. As well as engaging design, we included an interactive map showcasing course features and the route, which runners really loved.

Red Bullet team after running the Winter Run

Experience counts

There’s no better way to understand a client’s product than first hand experience. On a cold February morning, half the team arrived in Central London to get ourselves on that start line!

Steve hi-fived a polar bear, Bev skipped the entire route, but the best bit? We all smashed our 10k PBs!

Once we launched, London’s largest 10k sold out and even sold tickets for the next year!

Smashing their own records

Outside the London Marathon, the London Winter Run is now the largest running event in London (!) thanks to increased conversion it is now over-subscribed year on year. We’re delighted to be involved in such a fantastic event for such a great cause and look forward to smashing our PB’s again next year!

Mockup of the website shown on an a MacBook
Mockup of the website shown on an iPhone

Let us help you run faster

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