Start sprinting

We ran a design sprint with the Admiral team defining goals, design ideals, user needs and a splash of governance! Sketching early ideas and prototypes kept initial turnaround fast and we could then iterate on these. This allowed us all to fully focus on site usability without being distracted by branding.

Wireframing and rapid prototyping

Keeping the pace of development as rapid as possible we could test different directions without too much time investment. We knew that Admiral were keen to roll out the designs to their sub brands too of Elephant, Diamond and Bell insurance. Focussing on lo-fidelity wireframes allowed us to iterate quickly and test ideas fast. Admiral were able to user test real, usable, lo-fi versions of the new build with A/B testing.

A open sketchbook showing wireframes

Scalable components

We built the frontend components in Angular for a robust, scalable infrastructure. We provided full frontend within a structured component styleguide. Each component is modular, reusable, and well documented. This allows the Admiral development team to easily construct new pages without needing additional development or assistance.

Four brands, one styleguide

The new styleguide powers four separate brands from one set of CSS files. This keeps maintenance to a minimum and new components can be developed rapidly across four different sites. The brands can be controlled almost entirely by a single set of variables, making creative brand updates across the board a fast, simple process.

40% Increase in conversion

A huge success

Over recent years we’ve worked on Single Car, Multicar, Household and more recently Multi-Product quote processes for Admiral and their sub brands.

Incredibly (and of course as we expected!) the roll out of the new revised Household quote process saw a conversion of over 40% increase on existing turnover in the first few months on the main Admiral brand launch! Insane!

Mockup of the website shown on an a MacBook
Mockup of the website shown on an iPhone

40% turnover increase sound good?

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