What is it?

WRAP is a registered charity that promotes sustainable living through re-use and recycling. They work closely with the government and key commerical partners to promote sustainability through a number of well known campaigns such as Recycle Now and Love Food Hate Waste.

The Brief

We worked with WRAP to build a performant javascript widget that can be embedded into partner websites. It helps a user to find where they can recycle specific items, their nearest recycling centres, and what they can recycle at home.


The project was a fresh approach to an existing tool. We were able to build our solution based off the knowledge and research learnt from the initial project. We were keen to resolve a number of key problems we, the stakeholders and research had found.

Designed for exisiting behaviour

We identified people have 3 clear purposes for using the tool and established a clear flow for each. This helped establish a sense of purpose of what could be achieved by just seeing the first view.

A non-intrusive UI

Knowing this widget would be embedded on many websites, we set out to design a user interface that could sit nicely on almost any website - no matter the style, age or layout. The interface is designed to be highly functional with minimal decoration or branding. To help the tool feel part of the embedding website we allow sites to configure a key colour to match the embedding pages brand.

Rock-solid embed

Knowing that a number of sites had struggled embedding the previous version of tool we set out to ensure our iteration was rock-solid. Using encapsulation techniques in the code and styling we guarantee aspects of the widget don’t alter the embedding page and vice-versa. The widget can work in almost any size container, friendly to both responsive and non-responsive websites. Installation of the embed is now as simple as just inserting a single HTML element.