What is it?

Man Shed is a place where men, who are bereaved or maybe soon be bereaved, can feel at home and pursue practical interests with a high degree of autonomy alongside others in a caring and supportive environment.

Man Shed is a service by Princess Alice Hospice, whom we’ve been working with since 2012. They provide free, holistic palliative care for patients with advanced illness and those approaching the end of their lives. They are funded by the local community, so fundraising and support is crucial to their continued work as a charity.

The Brief

The Man Shed project required significant investment and monies raised to get started. They had no shed, and no money for building it. Princess Alice Hospice were looking for a solution to help them promote the fundraising activities for The Man Shed project.

Constructing a solution

We created a campaign site designed to help tell the story of the project. The solution follows a timeline style, with sections connecting each other together on the scroll of the page. Consistent CTA’s to donate were placed strategically throughout the page to boost fundraising results, which had great success.

The fundraising focus was further emphasised by a secondary sticky nav bar which was revealed on scroll. This housed a countdown timer and a "funds raised so far" status. The bar gave a sense of urgency to the fundraising appeal and also conveyed that it was happening in “real time” which would encourage more users to become donors.

If a user were to donate they would see their donation added to the fundraising total on completion. This gives the user instant feel good factor and reinforces that their money is directly helping.

Simple content management

Princess Alice’s team all use WordPress on their main website, so it made sense for us to develop the new content management system for the stand alone Manshed site in WordPress also.

As a result the team are able to update any and all content as desired, all within the styled framework templates we’ve built for them.

Growth with success

As the campaign grew in success both through fundraising and also the progress of the on site build, we worked with the team at PAH to evolve the site further to reflect the various stages that the project build went through.

Over 140% of the target was raised at the time, which was fantastic, as this enabled Princess Alice Hospice to build an even bigger shed!

Once the money had all been received, and the development commenced, we re-designed aspects of the site, added in a news page and fed users through the journey to access regular updates too.

The future

Once the shed is fully operational we’ll be revising the site again and evolving the opportunities to donate time to help, as well as money for additional tools and upgrades to equipment etc.

We’re delighted to have been part of such a successful fundraising campaign for such a brilliant cause. They even turned the website into a cake!