The brief

Admiral approached us for a redesign and rebuild of their quote process frontend. The existing quote process had become fragmented and needed to be made mobile friendly for the emerging non-desktop market.

Inital ideas

Sketching early ideas and prototypes kept initial turnaround fast. We could bounce ideas back and forth with Admiral without needing several days to create full graphical mockups. This allowed us and the client to fully focus on site usability without being distracted by branding.

Wireframes and rapid prototyping

Once confident with the direction of the initial prototypes, we begain creating unbranded wireframes and small prototypes. This again kept the pace of development as rapid as possible so we could test different directions without too much time invested.

Admiral were able to try out real, usable, lo-fi versions of the new build to test the functionality.

Reusable components

Each component is modular, reusable, and well documented. This allows the Admiral development team to easily construct new pages without needing additional development or assistance.

4 Brands, 1 set of components

The current styleguide powers 4 separate brands from one set of CSS files. This keeps maintenance to a minimum and new components can be developed as rapidly as possible across 4 different sites.

The brands can be controlled almost entirely by a single set of variables, making creative brand updates across the board a fast, simple process.

Any device, anywhere

The framework is built using progressive enhancement techniques for every screen size. Each component is optimised to be as performant as possible on every device and every browser. This gives the best chance of conversion as no users are excluded. Every user is offered the most appropriate design solution for their device capabilities.