Code Red are UX packages to help ignite user engagement in as little as 5 days.

Did you know

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

At Red Bullet, we understand the pivotal role user experience plays in shaping digital success. Code Red, our streamlined UX packages are designed to transform your website or digital product into a more meaningful experience for your users.

There are two key drivers that will increase user engagement:


The ease of performing an action (good UX).


Our UX packages will help take care of this


The psychological motivation to do it.


Your brand will handle the feelings and thoughts of a user

What we do

We transform ordinary interactions into user journeys that engage and convert.

Successful UX removes barriers, addresses pain points and helps people quickly and easily get things done online. Our UX package builds an understanding of your users, their objectives, their needs and how we can create a seamless journey for them, whilst building a connection with them via brand.

How we do it

Your product and users are unique. Through decades of UX adventures, Code Red was born.

Our approach to research and UX design has been packaged together to flex around projects of all shapes and sizes. Together, we’ll unlock the secrets that pave the way to a more meaningful user experience.

Our 5 steps that form our Code Red UX packages:



Review existing research and data before a Stakeholder workshop to understand your business needs in-depth.



Hotjar* review or install (if it’s not already in use). We’ll review heat maps, scroll maps and recordings of real users on your site.



Create personas, site maps, and user flows based on #1 and #2 findings. We’ll start to plan decisions around user needs.



Visual time! Taking everything we know we’ll create wireframes and prototypes focused on your core user goals.



We’ll package up your visuals in a Marvel** handoff, ready for your dev team. It doesn’t have to end here though, let’s plan next steps.

Our packages

Code Red and Code Red Flex have been crafted to fit around you.

Code Red will unlock the full potential of user engagement and establish a digital presence that leaves a lasting impact on your users and business success.

What’s included:

  • 💪 5 step process focused on your core goals

Code Red Flex gives you the freedom to hone in on a specific UX issue and goal, whilst aligning with your budget and timeline.

What’s included:

  • 👌 Tailored approach utilising elements of our 5 steps


“What does it cost” we hear you ask… well, costs vary depending on goals and complexity. As a guide, we range anywhere from £3k to £18k.

Working together

We complement your existing teams, not replace them.

Red Bullet can seamlessly complement the agencies that you already work with by enhancing the overall customer experience for your users. While other agencies may focus on advertising, branding, or development, our Code Red packages can provide valuable insights into understanding user needs, improving the ease of navigation, and creating user-friendly interfaces.

Ultimately, we help create a unified and engaging customer journey.